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The Death Pool – What The GMHL Is, And What It Is Not – Truths Every Player Should Know

It is time to talk about the GMHL, and the GMHL West. It is time to say exactly what the league is and what it is not. Facts, supported by evidence, and not the league propaganda used to bilk tens of thousands of dollars annually out of unsuspecting parents, and First Nations tribes across Canada.

First, the GMHL points to having advanced 540 players to “Minor Pro” in Europe. This is a complete lie. The vast majority of these “advancements” in Europe are in leagues like the Sweden second and third leagues. These are not “professional” leagues.

In Sweden there are three professional levels. There is the SHL at the top, then Hockey Allsvenskan, and then Hockey Ettan. Those are the only professional leagues in Sweden.

The Swedish Second League is actually the 4th league and the Third League is the 5th league. These leagues are considered AMATEUR in Sweden and the rest of Europe. While some of these teams will pay under the table for apartments and a little cash to some import players, it is not a salary, and not a work contract.

The same standards of Amateur status apply to Germany, France, Finland, Norway and other leagues across Europe. The GMHL calling these lower level amateur league “professional” is simply not true.

The GMHL also boasts that it has “advanced” 11players to the NHL/KHL/AHL. In fact not one player has gone directly to any one of those leagues. The fact that a handful of players played in the GMHL as 15 or 16 year old’s for one season, SIXTEEN YEARS AGO who then went on to Junior A, and or the OHL or other legitimate leagues does not mean the GMHL advanced them to the NHL/KHL/AHL. The fact that they count one player who played in all three of these leagues three times is also a deliberate deception to inflate numbers.

The GMHL claims 42 NCAA D-1 or USport advancements. This is a complete lie concerning NCAA D-1. There is NOT ONE direct placement to NCAA D-1. The USport advancements have come from players who were told they could not play their freshmen season in Usport and to stay on the ice. They had their USport commitments before ever going to the GMHL. Again, more deliberate deception.

142 NCAA D-3 commitments claimed are again a deliberate deception. While players have left the GMHL for legitimate Tier 3 leagues in the US, and for Junior A leagues like the NOJHL, OJHL and SIJHL and later gotten those commitments, the GMHL is not responsible for them.

The fact is NCAA programs do not scout the GMHL because they do not have to. Scouts know that legitimate NCAA candidates, play in legitimate leagues.

Do you notice a pattern yet?

The GMHL finances this scam based on unsuspecting players and parents who either based on talent, import player status or both, can not play in legitimate leagues in the United States or Canada. Players are paying upward of $12,000 to play on some of these teams when they do not make legitimate teams. Just to say they are playing junior hockey, and based on the belief in all the other previously mentioned lies.

Those unsuspecting players foot the bill for the local players who will not pay to play, or for the USport committed players who will not pay to play. That’s right, not everyone is paying.

One of the biggest scumbag moves of all though comes from taking advantage of First Nations tribes. The Tribal leaders of Native Canadians pay all, or a portion of the tuition for junior players to play in leagues across Canada. The GMHL found this out years ago and has been taking advantage of indigenous people ever since.

Tribal leaders are committed to providing opportunities for their members, and in theory this is a great thing for all of their people. In practice, with legitimate league’s across Canada the program works and gives First Nations children great opportunities.

Unfortunately, the GMHL has turned this program into a financial target to fund the league. It is easy to note not only where GMHL teams are placed, specifically on or near many Native lands, but to see which teams have rosters made up of a majority or a good portion of Native players.

It could easily be argued that the GMHL is once again representative of the “white man” oppressing or taking advantage of First Nations people. This practice is disgusting, and immoral.

The GMHL is the home of referee’s punching players. Players punching referee’s. Coaches punching each other or referees or players.

The GMHL is home to double billing of credit cards. Failure to refund over charges, and failure to refund tuition after cutting players.

The league is designed for one purpose. Money. Sell franchise’s to people who are told it is a good business opportunity, take league dues from those franchises, and repeat. It doesn’t matter how many teams fold or open because the money keeps flowing. In fact it could easily be argued that the more folding the better because the city location can always be sold again.

When GMHL scouts and coaches are going to showcase events in the United States I hear their pitches to players. They use these fake advancement numbers to deceive parents and players. They use the phrase’s of “Junior A” and “Tier II”, both of which are complete lies.

But people believe them when they think they have no other options. But there are always other options. You are better off playing men’s league or going right to an ACHA program and starting your college studies while playing there than you are to waste time in the GMHL.

Players don’t need the GMHL to get to ACHA hockey. Outside of ACHA D-1, most teams will take any student athlete on their team. Of course you would have to earn your ice time, but you would be spending money on school instead of the GMHL. Spending your money on education is a much better investment because it will actually give you a return. There is no return spending money on the GMHL.

The GMHL is not Junior A or Tier II hockey. It is a financial tool created to capitalize on victims who have no other options for one reason or another. This is not a development league. It is a bank deposit league. Anyone going there has been warned.

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