The EHL Looking Ahead To 2017 – Expansion On Slate

The Eastern Hockey League is, in many peoples opinion, and simply by virtue of numbers, the most successful Tier III league in the United States when moving players to NCAA Division III and II programs.  The numbers simply can’t be disputed.

With the recent loss of teams to another league, the EHL has already developed a plan to move forward.  Expansion through acquisition is the model for 2017.

Speaking off the record several sources are saying that teams from the former Met League and teams from other leagues will be joining the EHL moving forward.  Those applications are expected to be heard at the upcoming USA Hockey winter meetings.

Speaking off the record further, multiple sources have said that the loss of teams the EHL experienced was not completely disappointing.  One source stated;

“There are a few teams leaving that we as a league didn’t want involved in our league moving forward.  Some simply didn’t meet our standards in many ways and we are glad they will become someone else’s problem moving forward.”

Another part of the plan moving forward is a heightened level of player promotion.  A commitment to do more, and promote players more is something every player considering his Tier III options needs to take into account.

Its a simple question to ask during recruiting process really.  “What is your plan to promote me to NCAA programs?”

The Eastern Hockey League has been answering that question for players with their actions.  Working hard off the ice while the players work hard on it, has proven to be a recipe for success.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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