The Great Lakes Junior Hockey League Statement On AAU Move

The Great Lakes Junior Hockey League Statement on AAU Move #top .wrapper .container h1 { color: #004080; }

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The Great Lakes Junior Hockey League Statement on AAU Move


The G.L.J.H.L. in its continued effort to provide the junior experience to all, has decided to create the G.L.J.H.L-AAU for those that wish to join the AAU, Amateur Athletic Union as their governing body for Ice Hockey. The entire Board of Directors of G.L.J.H.L.-AAU wishes to thank USA Hockey for its direction over the past 75 years and contributing to the success of the Great Lakes Junior Hockey League.

The members joining the AAU, where their theme ‘sports for everyone’ fits better into the direction of the G.L.J.H.L. to continue the development of those players that need the little extra help to achieve their goals of playing at that next level. AAU offers us the opportunity to do that without the legislative hang ups of have’s and the have not’s, who knows who and the personal agendas that are running ramped in USA Hockey. USA Hockey stood 75 years ago as the banner for a kid’s game to be played by everyone, kids and adults and over time has changed that mission statement to what’s better than MONEY and MEDALS!

The entrepreneurs, the junior operators, have devoted so much of their time and assets in building a 50 million dollar division for USA Hockey, to not be afforded the ability to improve, expand and develop their investments because of affiliate interference is detrimental to the process.

AAU affords us, the G.L.J.H.L. the opportunity to expand to rural areas that need this development process at a lower affordable cost than others in the youth programs are charging.

AAU, ”sport for everyone” is the attitude that we believe is the sustaining element of sports today, not only for those who can afford it.

We, the G.L.J.H.L. in partnership with the AAU, the Western States Hockey league and the North East Junior hockey league will build together an atmosphere around the game the old way, hard work, team work, dedication and development, a National Championship program that will reinstate the prestige of past.

The Great Lakes Junior Hockey League would like to thank all the Junior operators in the USA for their continued devotion to their leagues, teams and players for without them we would not be here during these troubled times.

The Great Lakes Junior Hockey League along with the AAU are offering $14.00 registration fee with the 10 million dollar insurance coverage with a $250.00 deductible for the 2012-2013 season. Register on line at

The G.L.J.H.L-AAU will begin the 2012-13 season with teams in Michigan-(5), Illinois-(2), Ohio-(2), Indiana-(1) with tentative proposals for additional teams in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Kentucky. Nationally, the planning stages for a second tier junior program as a greater development feeder system with greater opportunities and access to Collegiate and upper level programs while paying less for the development than is currently in place at youth levels.

The teams remaining with USA Hockey are Central Wisconsin Saints, Wisconsin Rampage, Chicago Junior Bulldogs, Ft Wayne Federals, Tri-City Icehawks, Wooster Oilers, St. Louis Frontenacs

If interested in providing this opportunity and being a member of the G.L.J.H.L. – AAU, please contact

Board of Directors


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