The Next Connor McDavid Is Tyler Benson

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The Next Connor McDavid is Tyler Benson November 13, 2012 7:47 AM

It was roughly a year ago that TJHN was singing the praises of Connor McDavid. We, along with those in the OHL who knew anything about the game, new he was going to be a special player. It’s usually just plain stupid, trying to predict the hockey future of a 14-year-old player, but there is another player on the rise, and this kid has some serious upside. Sorry OHL, the Edmonton native is bound for the Western Hockey League.

Meet Tyler Benson, remember the name because you will be writting emails to your favorite NHL team four years from now begging them to draft this kid.

The forward is as dominating at 14 as Connor McDavid was before he started playing this fall in the Ontario Hockey League at 15.

Benson has collected 69 points, 30 of them goals, in 14 bantam AAA games. The Lions have scored 105 total goals and are 13-0-1.

Like the really good ones before him, Benson has a sense of where the puck is going to be and, most importantly, he goes and gets it. He wants it. He hits, he skates well, and he not only has a heavy shot, but one that is deadly accurate.

McDavid, Toews, Crosby, those are some of the names mentioned when people are making comparisons. Considering the fact that Benson is not only a year younger, but that he is dominating in such a way that is making scouts fly cross country to watch him when McDavid is playing lights out in the OHL…..well you decide for yourself when he is the next player granted "exceptional status" when he applies for it next year and you see him in a WHL jersey as a 15 yr old.

By Joseph Kolodziej

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