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These Ducks Are Loaded September 5, 2012 9:09 AM

When you are aiming to win a Championship, you load up your roster as best you can. The 2012 vesrsion of the Dells Ducks are just that, LOADED.

Size, Speed, Toughness, and Skill. The Dells Ducks lineup has all of those qualities. Did the Ducks recruit this year? You might say they traveled the country looking for the best players they could find. Twelve states are represented in the Ducks linup along with one player from the Netherlands, and another from Canada.

With the puck set to drop on the 2012 season at 6:30 Friday night at Poppy Waterman Arena in the Dells, it wont be long before the Ducks know if the summers hard work will pay off.

"We had a fun exhibition series against Chicago last weekend, but we didn’t play everyone together, and a few players hadn’t arrived in the Dells yet, so I really don’t know what the team will look like once they are all together." Said Ducks President John Schwarz "I know that Koen Bakker and Austin Albrecht just got in town, so I guess we will find out this weekend."

Albrecht was the last forward released from the Jamestown Ironmen in the NAHL. A 1996 DOB, he racked up 33 points in 34 games in the Atlantic Junior Hockey League last season as a 15 year old. Highly rated by USHL scouts, Albrecht will bring another scoring forward into the lineup.

Bakker was just sent to the Ducks from the Dutch National Team. He was in the Netherlands training for the last month after attending Ducks camp in Chicago. Bakker is a dominating physical force with an exceptional skill set. He will be returning to the Dutch National Team for the World Junior Championships in December, and will return to the Ducks once that obligation is completed.

Here is what the roster looks like:

14 Joey Bower 5′ 10" 170 Forward Crystal Lake South HS IL

35 Rob Meadows 5′ 9" 145 Goalie Bozeman Ice Dogs MI

52 Johnny Schwarz 5′ 8" 175 Forward Dells Ducks IL

66 Colin Cross 5′ 11" 185 Forward Westminster HS CT

26 Connell Totten 6′ 6" 225 Defense Bozeman Ice Dogs WA

88 Yari Neitenbach 6′ 1" 180 Forward Hampton Road Whalers CO

74 Brendan Kelly 5′ 9" 185 Forward Bozeman Ice Dogs CO

33 Zev Grumet-Morris 5′ 10" 155 Goalie Northern Express CSDHL IL

5Corey Randazzo 6′ 2" 240 Defense Chicago Bruins CSDHL IL

4 Austin Zima 5′ 10" 190 Defense Dells Ducks IL

13 Brady Hefner 5′ 10" 175 Forward Bozeman Ice Dogs MT

10 Bradley Hefner 5′ 6" 160 Defense Bozeman Ice Dogs MT (Assistant Captain)

81 Colin Perley 6′ 0" 210 Forward Bozeman Ice Dogs WA

23 Jacob Stima 5′ 11" 170 Defense Rockford Icemen IL

9 Jordan Matthys 5′ 10" 175 Forward Bozeman Ice Dogs ND

7 Brett Mccutchin 5′ 10" 170 Defense Baraboo HS WI

3 Dunk Abbott 6′ 1" 170 Defense Missoula Maulers MT

30 John Sellie- Hanson 5’11" 170 Goalie Dells Ducks ND

11 Aviv Milner 5′ 7" 175 Forward QJAAAL Canada

24 Ian Harris 5′ 11" 180 Forward Fort Wayne Federals IN

63 Justin Gregory 5′ 9" 165 Forward Kirkland Lake (NOJHL) CO (Assistant Captain)

6 Shea Keller 5′ 8"n175nForwardn Florida Eels FLA

19 Kevin Salinas 5′ 9" 180 Forward CYA AAA U-18 IL (Captain)

58 Koen Bakker 6′ 4" 215 Defense Netherlands U20 Netherlands

25 Austin Albrecht 5′ 11" 165 Forward New Jersey Renegades NJ

By Joseph Kolodziej

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