TJHN And GTDM Begin Working Agreement

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TJHN and GTDM Begin Working Agreement October 24, 2012 8:03 AM

The Junior Hockey News is excited to announce a new working agreement with the curring edge GTDM clothing line.

GTDM is a growing company producing a limited line of hockey lifestyle clothing with a strong growth plan for the future. With a new website set to launch within the next few weeks, GTDM saw The Junior Hockey News as a vehicle to increase its brand awareness and increase sales.

"We wanted to work with GTDM for a few basic reasons. They have a great following for a young company. They are cutting edge and somewhat controversial based on their name. But most importantly they have a sound business plan and present themselves in the most professional of ways." Said Publisher Joseph Kolodziej "We have been very selective in who we work with, since we are a not for profit publication, we want to make sure when working with others that it is a win win."

Look for GTDM on the TJHN Marketplace page and check back for more information on the launch of their new site soon. As TJHN grows it is always on the look for more cutting edge partners.

By Guest Writer Kevin Kelly

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