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TJHN Publishers Statement on CHLPA August 23, 2012 9:13 AM

Since TJHN reported on the CHLPA on August 17th, we have been inundated with requests for statements and additional information.

TJHN neither endorses or opposes the CHLPA. It is a story that has the potential to effect many lives and in that respect is worth reporting on.

Yesterday, my friend Stephen Heisler at forwarded an email that was sent to him. This email made a direct implication that I, or TJHN may be in "cahoots" with the CHLPA and people involved in that proposed body. The implication being that TJHN or myself may have something to gain from the CHLPA’s formation. That implication, and the rumor of such is libelous and completely untrue.

Based upon that email, I wish to make it clear that TJHN has no interest in the CHLPA. TJHN is a not for profit volunteer organization, and has a strict policy to abstain from any endorsement of any program such as the CHLPA or any other organization that may be considered a political body at any time.

In that regard we are releasing the unions plan and letting the reader decide fo themselves as to what support if any the effort should be given.

In business, and when considering large proposals, I always like to follow the money. The money in this instance is roughly 28 Million dollars. No small amount. So when evaluating the CHLPA, I have to ask; who profits?

Call me synical, but somewhere there is a money vacum. Direcotrs, Officers, and Employees of this "union" are sure to be making some money from this venture if it actually happens. How much? That hasn’t been stated.

What is the motive for the CHLPA? Who are these people to independently attempt to unionize Major Junior hockey players? I dont have the answer, but I would theorize that someone involved or someone’s involved, have had a player that lost out on something promised from some Major Junior organization. The player benefit movement did not simply appear out of nowhere.

The concept of more standardized treatment of Major Junior players on its own is something that is long over due. Whether it is an increase in all players payments or "stipends", or a complete elimination of those payments is something that should be considered. I have had many discussions with collegues over the years about this topic.

The extension of time that players are afforded to claim their education dollars is also a concept that is needing to be addressed. Far too many players loose the opportunity to attend a university. An education will last a lifetime, hockey will not.

When reviewing this information, the reader should note the people named in the CHLPA documents may or may not still be involved in the effort to organize. The reader should also note the particular professions of those persons and judge for themselves on the level of seriousness the movement has been built upon.

CHLPA Flyer for meeting

CHLPA Meeting Agenda


CHLPA Power Point on financials

In any event, the potential creation of the CHLPA has developed a conversation. When ever people talk about improving players lives during and after their playing days, those conversations may lead to change that benefits those most effected by it.

In the end, it is and should be about what is best for the players. They do have a voice. The question is; Should the voice be in the form or a union, or should Hockey Canada be the voice? Hockey Canada is the governing body and they do have the authority to change standards for Major Junior Hockey Leagues and teams. If player payments are to be eliminated, Hockey Canada would have the sole authority to regulate benefit packages for amateur hockey players.

Does Major Junior Hockey need a union, or do the rules in place need to be updated to reflect the wishes of the players through Hockey Canada? The answer to that question may yet take some time to be known.

Joseph Kolodziej

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