When League “Support” is Purchased It Is Not News Its A Cheap Infomercial

Normally I would not waste time addressing the opinion of a know nothing has done nothing writer on another website. But today I am making an exception simply because this person continues to be some online tough guy who can not stop commenting about news published on this site.

The NA3HL used to be a pretty good Tier III hockey league. It still has about a half dozen top end teams at that level. This is an opinion that has always been expressed here at TJHN consistently. After those six really good organizations, the rest of the league goes down hill quickly and isn’t worth paying attention to.

This opinion isn’t just mine. Its reflected in the NAHL draft results, and the number of NCAA commitments coming from the league. It is shared among NCAA scouts, and Tier II scouts throughout the world. Period.

NA3HL to NAHL Call ups don’t count as development unless that call up is for at least a dozen games. Call ups for practices don’t count. Call ups because your adviser has a deal with the team owner to send players for a week of practice for a $500 fee don’t count. Tenders don’t count. That is all smoke and mirrors to make it look like something is actually happening when it isn’t..

Full seasons in the NAHL, and NCAA commitments are the measuring stick of success. The NAHL is the league that has driven this standard of measure for the last six years or so with all the talk of NCAA commitment numbers. So, based on their own claims this can be the only measure that matters for the NA3HL.

I believe the NAHL is a great league. I send players to this league every year. They do a great job at development. Same goes for the Tier II leagues in Canada, the USHL, NCDC, the EHL and the USPHL. These are the leagues that put players into NCAA hockey. There is no disputing the numbers, and in the end it is the NCAA commitment that matters and nothing else.

The claims of a handful of players getting called up to the NAHL from one NA3HL team are not news. These claims do nothing to alter that an average of 1 player per NA3HL team will play 1 game in the NAHL each year. That is the successful development pipeline?

These claims do not change the fact that players are not drafted to the NAHL from the NA3HL. If I remember correctly, the largest number of players taken in the NAHL draft has been 3 NA3HL players total from a few years ago.

These claims of advancement or development do not change the fact that the NA3HL has fewer NCAA commitments than competing leagues every year.

The Junior Hockey News is sponsored by the USPHL as well as the EHL along with other organizations.

This website, reports when the USPHL and EHL have teams fold. It does not hold back on criticism of these leagues when these things happen because our opinions can not be bought.

The other website, for years, built its entire readership based on supporting the WSHL, and the continued bashing of the NAHL’s Commissioner Mark Frankenfeld. So much so, that the NAHL had attorneys send letters to the other website.

When the NOJHL stopped sponsoring the site, they became a target of weaponized opinion. Same with Tier III team owner John Schwarz and others.

Its important to note that when the WSHL left that site as a sponsor, the WSHL became a target of criticism. So much so that it went from being the long touted great alternative to USA Hockey sanctioning, to being a league run by a dictator.

When the USACHL existed for months, it was the other website who rallied behind this absolute disaster. With zero credibility to support this abomination of a league, the other site jumped on the bandwagon. Because they could make money off of it.

When USA Hockey wouldn’t allow more expansion in Tier III, the praises of AAU were sung daily. Now, when AAU does not pay, USA Hockey through the NA3HL and NAHL influence has become a sparkling gem to behold in their wisdom of rule making.

Sorry, TJHN just wont kiss up to anyone for their sponsor dollars. We do not sell “news” and our opinions can not be bought.

Now that the NA3HL pays the other website, the NA3HL and NAHL are essentially untouchable there. So untouchable in fact that the publisher of that site has called me on more than one occasion to tell me personally that certain stories were killed off because of the relationship. He then went on to be a source for us to write the story because he cant even be loyal to his master.

While I don’t know if I believe his claims, the reporting on that site would support that the NAHL and NA3HL are now virtually untouchable for real criticism. That is not integrity in reporting and keeping people informed, that is being propaganda platform.

Now, after the actual people who paid for those WSHL, and other team sponsorships told me they left and why, the other site claims that they stopped accepting the money from them due to their high moral standards. This is simply not true.

Its easy enough to go through the other site’s “news” archives and find all the evidence contrary to those claims. All the “stories” written on the NAHL and NA3HL before the “agreement” was made. There are some crazy ones there. And if they have been removed from the site, don’t worry, they are still archived in other places you can find.

Yes, I know, this is going to create a public pissing match. I will get personally attacked because this is all the other website is capable of. Personal attacks on anyone who doesn’t give undeserved attention to uninformed and uneducated opinion are the modus operandi of a narcissist. Typical behavior for such personalities who wield a little writing power and have an audience.

Even though I really could have gone after this other website personally, and I really wanted to, I will let them continue to show who they really are first. Don’t worry, I am pretty sure it will get ugly for those who look forward to that happening.

These are simple facts that have been stated here. Don’t trust me though, do your own research. See who’s opinion is purchased. See who’s claims are based in fact or paid for. Don’t trust claims, do research.

Everyone has an opinion on everything. I have opinions, the other person has opinions. You as a reader have opinions. All of these together should create great conversation. All of these should be based on facts, and not influenced by money, and this is what you can always count on from TJHN.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher