Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – The New Season


To be sure it was a very fast-moving summer was it not?  In a blinks of an eye the playoffs ended, tryout seasons begin, and the new season is now upon us.

As we start the new season I would like to remind all players, and those working in the game of one thing to do.

Be grateful.

To be able to play the game we all love at the high level is an honor.  As we take the ice for the new season we must always look to remember that there are others that only wish they could be in our shoes.

As we take the ice, we must always take a moment to those who are not taking the ice with us.  We must look back to remember the player that sat next to us in the dressing room all the way through camp who is not sitting there now, and is possibly sitting at home, or still looking for a team.  If not for a little luck or a little extra skill the player could have been us.

As we take the ice we must remember to thank our team owners.  If not for them we would not have the team or league to play in.  Opportunity is not free, and the owners are always the first to pay the price.  They are the ones that must put up the money first before we can even think of taking the ice.

We must remember the referees.  Stop rolling your eyes.  Without the referees we could not play games and they perform a critical role within the game.

We must remember our parents who have sacrificed in order to help us reach the high level of hockey.  Without them we would not be playing the game we love to play.

Finally we must remember the ones that came before us.  The players, coaches, owners, referees, and parents that paved the way for our sport to grow into what it is today.

Good luck to each of you.  I wish you a safe, fun and productive season.