The Death Pool – Special Report – Pretend Big Money Donor Gets Charged For Real


Ahhhhh yes.  I like some stupid people.  Nothin quite like an absolute idiot to make an otherwise boring day really interesting!

Everyone remember Mike Gould?  You know, the donkey we mentioned on Monday.  Get a little refresher with that link if you don’t remember.

Anyway, good old Mike has now been charged with a few felonies for his benevolent behavior.  Ha Ha Ha  Yep, that benevolent behavior that got him a banquet at a local eatery and the opportunity to drop a puck at a hockey game.

Poor Mikey.  It really must be hard finding good help these days.  I mean if every banker and accountant keeps losing your money and you cant pay your bills, or provide the money you committed to donate, you need to find some new people.

What a shitty bank too!  Seriously, how bad can a bank be that keeps on screwing up this guys millions!  As a valued customer, you would think old Mike would be getting some freakin respect around that joint!

You know what’s funny about this story?  What’s funny is that this guy even got past the first meeting with the hockey team he promised money to.

Seriously.  How the hell does this team not even look into someone who says they want to donate millions of dollars to a team he never played for?  How stupid are the people running this team?

Yep, it happens almost every day that a complete stranger walks in off the street and offers people millions.  Ha Ha Ha  Yeah, maybe on the planet of I just shit in your hat it happens.

Stick around everyone.  We got players leaving their Tier III teams!  And you know what that means!

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events. It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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