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CH1L Conversation with Duane Lewis July 11, 2012 9:59 AM

Roughly a week ago, I sent an email to Central Hockey League Commissioner Duane Lewis concerning the rumored development of the CH1L a Tier I Junior Hockey League.

Yesterday Mr. Lewis and I exchanged emails concerning the CH1L and the CHL as a professional league. The emails were an open and honest dialouge about concerns relating to the rumored development, and its potential effect on the professional league.

When asked about the potential for the CH1L Mr. Lewis said:

"As you can imagine, since that information was posted, we have dozens of people telling us what would be the best way to do things, which has been humorous in a way, because we would fully be aware that some of the comments would be self-serving to those individuals or their organizations. We would explore every possible angle we could to make the right decisions for certain."

When I asked how this may effect the CHL as a professional league Mr. Lewis stated:

"This would not be a defection of CHL “AA” teams/markets, we still plan on growing our business, and will have expansion opportunities presented and announced in the future. There are, I believe, some people who are thinking this would be a change of a league if it happened – never has that been discussed, nor do we want it to be. Therefore, if you could help quell the concern of pro players that would be much appreciated. I think that has taken on a life of its own!"

The premise of this Tier I league will be discussed at length in a follow up article tomorrow.

Joseph Kolodziej

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