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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – More On Recruiting

Ha Ha, so I see some coaches are upset now because we tell the truth on recruiting in last weeks writing. (Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – “If you are good enough they will find you”)

So, many emails, and so many people register on the TJHN site to comment but do not use real names.  This my colleagues laugh so hard over, we still laughing.

So, to upset more coaches, and inform more players, we now tell more truth about recruiting. 

As a player, you must know how to work leagues and teams. You also need to know where you really belong in amoung other players in these organizations.  Truth is that you may not fit in at all. 

The truth is that most players often think they are better than they really are. Players often say they must be at a certain level. The truth is that if you are not where you think you should, there’s a reason.

When you are talking to recruiter, do not listen to all the talk about what you do well.  If the recruiter does not tell you what you need to work on in your first conversation, you dont want to play for this person.  Every player has something they can work on to improve their game.  A coach is only coaching when he is fixing player problems in some areas, that is why it is called coaching and not bench management.

If all coach do is compliment you on you play, he is really just manipulating your ego to get you to play for him.  Ego does not make you superstar or get you to next level for you.  Ego holds back from learning and growing as a player.  You never see Crosby with ego when he speaks.  Coach that always plays to ego is not helping player.

Parents should also do the job. Players can not be left alone with coaches in recruiting. Parents need to hear all the speeches, so that the right decision and ego manipulation does not take place.

Recruiting from teams that have a league draft.

If team has draft picks or tenders, they really want you they should use one of those options on you.  If recruiter tell you that you will get top line minutes with his team, then ask him why he does not draft or tender you.  Coach want you to commit to him, why do they not commit to you?  Ask the question why no pick or tender?  If the reason sounds fishy then it probably is fishy.

Do not commit to team camps until the drafts are finished.  Why would you want to commit to a team camp before they have a chance to commit to you?

It is a matter of truth and making sure you get the truth to hard asked questions.  Without hard asks, you get no truth, and with no truth you back the bad choice.

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