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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Reader Question – Midget Or Tier III?

So I’m doing a lot of emails asking questions. A parent asked me in an email they should midget major contract or animal III next season for the 1995 child birth.

It was in my opinion a very good question. The answer is not the same for all players, but for many it could be.

1995 Birth player has three more years after junior eligibility this season. Again, we must remember that the development will not be in a hurry, and they all develop at their own natural pace. This is a simple question to see when you are 18 and you have not been drafted for major junior or the USHL, or Nahl, then probably you are not in the top group of players at your age. It does not matter though.

What advantage you playing Tier III? Matches against older players for the most part, you will challenge yourself of course, but what other advantage for you? If you look at the junior league draft, most players are not drawn from Tier III leagues. The proof is in the pudding, as some would say.

Drafts tell the truth. A vast majority of players have worked in the USHL and NAHL are midget major and non Tier III. In major junior player is ddrafted from Bantam AAA , Midget major players that make the team before the Junior A or B junior player almost every time.

Of course, some players go through the cracks of Scouting. These cracks exist because good players not playing in the right places. Why a 17 or 18 year old plays Tier III as a second or third line when if he major midget, he dominated play top line player? It is always preferable to players dominate the local level as a good player at the top side of it. Good players can be watched, dominant player is always the one that is seen. Yes, you see?

Even at Tier III, it is the dominant player who draws the attention of top teams or schools.

Many in the United States say that Tier III are generally less expensive than major midget. I’m sure to take into account the fact that, as we all need to see in our world today. But how much less expensive it is?

If you can play in a number of East Coast leagues III players pay ten thousand dollars a year. Some   Geography has a lot to do with the cost. Geography has a lot to do with player scouting.

Some Major Midget teams can cost five to fifteen thousand dollars per year. This is expensive.

Where are good scouts? The vast majority of scouts to watch more games Major Midget. Again, the proof of the pudding is in the draft results.

Play Midget Major, you are not only pay for the time on the ice, and all other costs, but you pay for exposure to scouts So. You get what you pay for right?

This does not mean that the teams level III are not good. They are good for some players, and they do send a lot of players on the programs of the NCAA D-III and ACHA. It is very rare for a player of level III  go to a NCAA D-1 program. Most players have their D-1 commitments while playing Major Midget if they are in Tier III.

The moral of my story is simple, be a dominant player in your particular age group. Do not be just another player on the team. It is no hurry for you, you can not move development faster than it will move naturally. Relax, be patient and enjoy the game.

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