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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – The Background

My name is Coach. For two thirds of my life it was my title.

My players, former players and parents call me coach. Not because it is my position, but because I won the title. It is a sign of respect. One that is gained over time and depending on  proven ability. It is not a title that you can get in a few tests and reading some books.

I started with the younger players and those who were able to play at the highest level of junior hockey. Patrol of the bench, the locker room and the hotel corridors in search of violators of curfew was just a part of what I did. Development plans for games, training plans and implementation of systems was to try to put players in position to succeed.

Again, you all know all this, right? Each novice arm chair coach, every second guessing parent, any player who is not working hard, or screwing off the ice knows all about what coaching is, right? No? It is certainly sounds like it from where I’m sitting.

I have taught in three different countries. I won championships and was a part of one of the  most depressing hockey seasons ever. I developed players, and I was fired for missing outcomes of owners. I’ve traveled the world and have seen both the best and worst the game has to offer.

A few weeks ago, I found this site by a friend. They said they were looking for writers, and I was looking for something to find this off-season to do so. Correspondence has been established. The only limitations are that I can not teams, leagues and players call completely and TJHN keep my identity hidden. Fair Trade for a forum where I can say what I want.

What I write is the truth. I’ll speak from inside the game. From the introduction of composite hockey stick, to the  self entitled players and parents today, I’ll talk about it. I’ll talk about levels of the game, and what the higher levels really think of each one. I’ll talk about how teams make money and what a coach really does.

Basically, this is my forum to say what I want, bitch about what I want, and heap praise those who deserve it.  I’ll answer the questions and suggestions you submit. I will not compromise my values ​​for you, I wont tell you what you want to hear, and I certainly wont kiss someone’s ass to get more readers.

The information should provide parents and players insight. Even the most experienced players and parents do not really know what happens. They think they do, but the truth is known only to the top one percent of the players in the world. Why? They are one percent of the world, and these are the players, nobody can lie to.

If you want the truth. Not sugar-coated version of the truth that you hear from everyone else, you should stick around. I’m sure a few feathers will be flying. Otherwise, good luck there, you’ll need it.


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