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Daniel Billett The NCAA Candidate

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Daniel Billett The NCAA Candidate November 27, 2012 7:54 AM

Student Athlete. When we talk about Student Athletes important to note that the word Student comes before Athlete. Many people forget that beyond athletic ability, it is important to NCAA institutions that high academic standards be maintained.

Daniel Billett is the quintisential definition of what it means to be a student athlete. The Culver Academy Cadet is a 4.0 student enrolled in Honors Classes, and a leader of the Culver Academy Prep Hockey Team. Billett is also involved in and leads several on campus groups at Culver Academy.

Culver Academy has one of the most demanding academic curiculums in the United States, coupled with a military lifestyle on campus. Students live away from home, study, and compete in a very challenging schedule. Culver is demanding, and its no secret that students attending Culver go on to be leaders in their communities, in business, Politics, and athletics. To become one of the top defensive prospects in the country while maintaining that gpa, school schedule and the military cadet lifestyle shows a commitment to excellence.

It is a belief that student athletes comprise one of the most diverse groups of people on our college campuses today, particularly with regard to factors such as personal history, academic preparedness, life goals and expectations, physical and psychological skills, and developmental readiness. Having already lived away from home, and been a part of the diverse Culver Academy campus, Billet will be prepared to blend in and lead on a new campus in the coming years.

On the Ice last season Billett was a + 24 with 2 goals and 12 assists in 41 games. The 1995 DOB Defenseman has accelerated his scoring pace this season and is averaging a point per game from the blue line while maintaining his stellar plus minus ratio. Oh, and I forgot to mention, he is 6’1", 195 pounds and still growing.

One scout TJHN spoke to gushed praise upon Billett;

"The kid has all the tools. He can skate, he is physical, and has a great shot. We are talking about a player who has made it to National Camp every year he has tried out. As a defenseman he is faster than most forwards. Physically this is a dominating player with significant upside. In the past he hasnt been the "flashy" defenseman, this year he seems to be taking more offensive chances and they are paying off. I have seen this young man over the course of years, he just keeps getting better and better each year. In one game last season against players that had already committed to some big schools, he dominated every forward on the ice. It was such a dominating performance that if I were a coach of those forwards that had been so completely dominated, I would have thought about decomitting some of them. If I am building a team, this is the player I am building my team around."

Another scout was less detailed but said this on Billett;

"He is an impressive player physically. At 6’1" he is so muscular that he looks bigger. When he walks into the rink it looks like he is going to rip out of his shirt. He is an exceptional player. He;s not going to get you a point a night in the USHL, but he will give you 20 to 30 points from the blue line, and he will shut down top offensive lines. He is a pretty complete player, and if his work ethic is an indication, he could go very far."

With a desire to play NCAA D-1 hockey, Billett has his sights set on playing at least one year of junior hockey next season. While some schools have begun to talk to Billett, he does not expect to sign a National Letter of Intent until the spring of 2013.

Academics? Yes. Campus Leader? Yes. Community involvement? Yes. Exceptional athlete? Yes.

Look for Daniel Billet in a junior hockey arena next season, and something tells this writer that this is a name many will be watching and writing about for years to come.

By Kevin Kelly

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