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Desilva Receives Additional Charges November 21, 2012 7:34 AM

Tuesday was another bad day for Tony Desilva. While most of us enjoy Florida vacations, Desilva wont be sitting on the beach any time soon. Yesterday DeSilva received the news that he was being charged with 64 additional crimes by the Polk County sheriff’s department.

The additional charges include two counts of traveling to meet a minor and two counts encouraging a child to engage in sexual performance, three counts of use of computer to seduce a child while misrepresenting age and 57 counts of use of a two-way device to facilitate a felony .

Florida investigators say DeSilva used a cellphone to send 57 separate texts, emails, or Facebook messages to whom he believed were two Polk County juvenile boys, but were actually undercover detectives. Investigators said DeSilva encouraged the "boys" to send him naked photographs (engage in sexual performance) or to travel to Massachusetts to engage in sexual activity with him. Under Florida Law every email, Facebook message and text that DeSilva allegedly sent is considered an additional charge.

DeSilva is now facing a total of 74 criminal charges. Authorities had earlier alleged he sent naked pictures of himself to two officers posing as 16-year-old boys in Florida and told them in explicit detail what he wanted to do with them sexually.

He is being held on $182,000 bail in the South County Jail in Frostproof, Fla.

TJHN has learned that search warrants have been executed in Massacheusetts alowwing for the search and seizure of evidence that could lead to additional charges in that state and others.

“We are going to keep Tony DeSilva here in the Polk County Jail until he has been charged with every Polk County crime he has violated,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement. “We don’t know if there are other victims out there, but if there are, we hope that they will have the courage to come forward and contact their local law enforcement and ensure that DeSilva’s crimes do not go unpunished. He is still safely being housed in our jail where he can’t hurt anyone, anymore.”

Desilva has plead not guilty to all charges at this time.

By Joseph Kolodziej

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