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GOJHL Golden Eagles Looking At New Location May 9, 2012 8:10 AM

It is likely that Brantford has hosted its last junior hockey game for the foreseeable future.

During Sutherland Cup provincial junior B championship, there wererumors that the Brantford Golden Eagles were preparing to leave town. Sometimes rumors are nothing but rumors but in this instance the rumors turned into much louder conversation.

It’s been no secret for more than a decade that the Golden Eagles have been seeking more support – from fans, sponsors, volunteers and the city.

However, the Eagles decided recently that it was time to try a change of venue from Brantford, which it has called home since 1998.

Even though more than one person within the Eagles organization has confirmed that the team is looking to move to Caledonia, nothing has been announced as of yet because the team is still working through the process.

On Thursday the team’s proposal to move will come before the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League’s Mid-Western Conference – the division the Golden Eagles currently play in. Each team within the conference will then vote to determine whether or not they support the team’s relocation from Brantford.

If the Golden Eagles receive the blessing of the other teams in the MWC, the process moves on to the Ontario Hockey Association for its approval.

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