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Manitoba League Shortens Season June 12, 2012 6:36 AM

In a time when seasons seem to be never ending, and players are complaining about burn out, the Manitoba Junior Hockey League took a bold step forward at its annual meeting.

The MJHL decided to cut its schedule to 60 games from 62, leaving each team with 29 home and away contests each, as well as a pair of early-season showcase games. While the cut is minimal by most standards, four games will also equal roughly two weeks fewer practices, two more weeks of "down time", or two more weeks at home for players.

With so many players talking about burn out these days, this act may help in easing that burnt out feeling. Here we are in mid June, and with camps taking place nearly every weekend and week day, burn out can become an issue for those making the rounds.

Portage was announced as one of four options to host the 2014 Western Canada Cup. Dauphin, Selkirk and Winnipeg are also in the running for the event, which will be held for the first time next April in Nanaimo, BC. The five-team tournament is meant to replace the ANAVET Cup and Doyle Cup series from across Western Canada. The top two teams will attend the RBC Cup. The site-selection process will begin in July and the 2014 host will be decided on October.

Also put into place was a ocial media policy that will affect players, coaches, team staff/directors, league officials and on-ice officials. This move is said to have been taken due to multiple reports of "online" abuses in multiple leagues throughout the US and Canada.

The Junior ‘A’ Fighting Supplement, which has been in place for the last two seasons, was extended for another two years. The MJHL has experienced a reduction in accumulation levels of fighting majors and instigator penalties.

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