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NAHL, NAPHL and the growth of the game

Attending the NAHL Top Prospects Showcase in Troy Michigan this past weekend, provided TJHN an opportunity to meet with and speak to the key people involved with the NAHL and its NAPHL teams.

Much has been said recently about teams within the NAHL filing for dormancy. USA Hockey put a rule in place that took effect this season which required teams to state their intentions by January 31st, 2012 for the 2012-2013 season. This was not a league requirement or a team choice. The petition for dormancy is one of three options.

If you do not file dormancy you must either commit to next season, or fold. If a team is in the process of being sold, or lease negotiations are ongoing for next year, there really is no other option for teams than to file for dormancy. This action is actually the most prudent approach. Rather than rushing a deal through, potentialy causing long term problems, or trying to rush a deal and have it fall apart, dormancy is the neutral option.

Dormancy is reversable. Teams can go back to the league with a solid plan to move forward, and file those intentions with USA Hockey. In those instances, those teams will move forward. Will every team be able to move forward? Most likely not, at least not in their current locations. Sometimes a new owner moves his team, sometimes lease negotiations force a relocation, and sometimes teams are better off folding.

The NAHL and its leadership are working with all Owners that filed for dormancy to try and resolve the issues that caused the action.

Based on the information TJHN has, the NAHL should return with most, if not all 28 teams next season. Some relocations will most likely take place, some franchises will most likely also be sold. The issues may not become clear until the next Junior Council meeting in June.

Within the NAHL family is the NAPHL. The NAPHL is growing by numbers, and in level of play. There is a strong and vibrant base of talent througout the entire league at every level. If the strength of any business is measured by the people and talent within that company, then the NAPHL has the NAHL poised for future strength in the marketplace.

In Fenbruary, we all start looking toward next season, what will happen, when will it happen and who will it happen to. June is when we will most likely know the answers. Until then TJHN will report what we can confirm.

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