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NCAA Meetings Visors On Tap

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NCAA Meetings – Visors on tap June 11, 2012 7:51 AM

The NCAA will meet next week to discuss the possibility of allowing visors in men’s college hockey next season. This agenda item has been discussed at length over the last few years. Players want it, and Coaches seem to want it as well. The NCAA is allowed to make rules changes every other year. This is an offseason where they can change rules.

An NCAA study showed that 83 percent of college hockey players preferred a three-quarter visor, which covers the nose and cheek bones.

The shield is the equipment of choice and of rule in the United States Hockey League, the British Columbia Hockey League and the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

The rules committee has been making changes to more closely resemble NHL rules, several changes already approved:

Goals off of skates. They will be allowed now unless there is a “distinct kicking motion.” This rule follows the NHL’s model.

Making hand passes illegal. They used to be allowed in the defensive zone, but not anymore.

Postgame review of disqualifications. They can now be changed after a game pending video review.

Overtime. Four-on-four will be allowed for leagues that want to use it.

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