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SIJHL In 2013 – Expansion – Contraction – Unanswered Questions

The SIJHL, a Hockey Canada sanctioned Tier II junior league has had its share of ups and downs in 2012 – 2013. 

Sioux Lookout started the season, then went dormant a few games into the season.  The Duluth Clydesdales played nearly a complete season and were then kicked out of the league shortly before playoffs.   The Minnesota Wilderness have been approved by the NAHL for membership in the 2013 – 2014 season.  

What started out as a seven team league in 2012 was counted as a four team league just the other day.

Rumors have the Sioux Lookout Flyers returning to the SIJHL for 2013-2014.  Unfortunately though rumors are not always true and the Sioux Lookout Flyers website has been down for some time now.  A company out of Buffalo NY now owns the domain name and has it listed for sale.  No one from the Flyers organization has been seen out scouting any showcases, and there has been no information released on a coaching staff being hired.

The Minnesota Iron Rangers have allegedly been sold or transfered to a new ownership group.  Just who that is, no one knows yet.

The SIJHL will be adding the Ear Falls Eagles to the league.  Serving as the Eagles inaugural head coach and general manager will be Kevin Kahoot, who incidentally also serves as the mayor of Ear Falls.  Ear Falls is the long rumored expansion franchise labled for the Red Lakes area.

With Ear Falls, the SIJHL stands at a five member league unless Sioux Lookout rises from the ashes.

How can the SIJHL continue on as a five team league?  Why have they not merged with the NOJHL?  Is there another expansion franchise out there for the SIJHL to grab?

Will the experiment between the SIJHL and NOJHL of cross over games be expanded in 2012-2013?  With the class of the SIJHL Minnesota Wilderness leaving for the NAHL, is this even an attractive option for the NOJHL?

TJHN will update this story as it develops.

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