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The Darker Side To Parents In Hockey – From A Mothers Point Of View

Last week TJHN published a letter from a father to his son.  The letter was inspirational to many and the feedback was fantastic in general.

Unfortunately, we also got a call and a follow up email from a mother who was speaking about something quite the opposite from what we had published.  Below is the email we received from her.  This, is something we found very hard to read, you make the call….

Just read the “Fathers letter” I cried.
Its the way it should be. It wasnt what we experienced.
I wrote this article about 10 yrs ago. We had had enough. Please publish this anonymously. I am sure soooooooo many others could relate.
When will it ever end?
A boy? A boy!!
A son? A son!!
He’ll be just like me!
We’ll hang out together.
He’ll do just what I tell him.
He’ll play hockey, for ME!
He’ll skate and skate and skate.
Even though hes not the best,
He will be the best … one day.
I tell him time and time again, how to be better.
After EVERY game and during LONG rides home in the car.
I really dont care if he cries,
Men dont cry.
Stop crying I yell and yell again!
This is the best thing for you!
Trust me , I am your Dad.
AND you will play if I tell you to play!
MY father told me to play.
He had a lot of fun with the other parents,
travelling the country, tournament to tournament.
Dont be such a wimp!
Stop crying ! Stop crying!
You’ll never be the best anyway….
Oh well, maybe I am NOT your Dad!
Maybe YOU dont love me anymore!
Maybe I should GO AWAY!
Choices, choices.
When will it ever end….
Its over for us now. So many tears from a small boy who had all the talent in the world just not the desire to play. He was good at everything he did…… but not just good enough….in his fathers eyes.
To me , he is the world. Always has been, always will be. An inspiration for all. We move forward.

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