TJHN Exclusive Series – Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach

Starting next week, TJHN will be featuring a series of articles from a former Junior Hockey Head Coach.

This person has offered to provide insight into recruiting, talent evaluation, tryout camps, player promotion, and the inner dealings that he has experienced throughout his career.

Because some of the information may be controversial, and may offend some organizations, TJHN has agreed to keep his identity concealed.

TJHN has completely researched this persons resume to verify it’s accuracy and the authenticity of his coaching claims.  The research process took more than two weeks, internet research as well as reference checks disguised as employment inquirys were made.

TJHN found this person to highly experienced and understated in his accomplishments.

As a rule we will not name people, teams or leagues through this series.  TJHN will not filter this series other than to remove any specific identifiers as they relate to people, teams of leagues.

We hope this series will be educational, informative, and thought provoking.

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