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TJHN Sponsorship Works For Teams And Business

Since TJHN made the switch to our new format and began covering the junior hockey news in a more complete way, website visits have continues to grow. 

From February to the end of April TJHN had more than 158,000 unique visitors, and more than 500,000 page views.  At this rate we expect to be close to 700,000 visitors this year, and close to two million page views.

Sponsors are reaping the benefits as well.  The average sponsor receives 10 to 12 new visits daily directly from TJHN.  Some sites receive as many as 50 visits a day through TJHN.

TJHN not only delivers news to players, but delivers players to teams.  Sponsors of TJHN can advertise team and league tryouts free in addition to their sponsor package.  Need to reach a target market?  How about the TJHN database of more than 2000 players and parents in addition to our daily visits.

Need direct player access?  The TJHN annual Pre Draft Showcase featured pre scouted and academically pre qualified players.  The past two years we have provided direct access to more than 200 players.  In 2014 we will look to double that amount.

Cost effective, target specific, and growth oriented.  That is what TJHN can bring to your business.  TJHN can produce new customers for you through target specific, custom tailored partnership marketing plans on TJHN.

Not only can TJHN deliver website traffic, but if you are a retail business we can deliver walk in business.  With a mailing list of over two thousand hockey players and parents, we can reach those customers that others can not.

Its about results, and TJHN delivers.

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