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18 Players Test Positive For COVID-19 In QMJHL’s Blainville-Boisbriand

18 players on one team after one week.

Now quarantine for two weeks. If other infections are found on other teams sparking quarantines, the worst case scenario for junior hockey will be realized in short order.

Again, I ask the question. If the NHL is saying a December 1 start, and more likely a January 1 start to the next season is the way to go, then what junior hockey league knows more than the NHL?

Really are we this stupid or arrogant? Or are teams just this greedy? Yes. Greedy. For the NHL development money, and for other revenue streams at their disposal.

This is exactly what Canada did not need. One league restarting and potentially ending it all for the others before they even drop the puck.

Quebec has a higher rate of infection than Ontario and somehow the QMJHL is playing?

Anyone think the Health Authorities of the rest of Canada aren’t watching the QMJHL and these infections? Anyone think these infections wont be used to cancel more seasons?

And to all you parents out there sending me your stupid political emails, complaining about letting your kids play, what will you be saying if your child gets COVID and dies?

What will you be saying when its discovered kids have long term lung damage and cant compete any more? All because parents want children to compete right now.

Where is the patience and caution we all take when raising our children? Out the window when some choose to live vicariously through their children’s competitive lives.

Someone please find me one real health expert who says getting COVID is not a risk and that there is no potential for it to be lethal.

When someone finds that health professional, not some whack job, then maybe we can all blow off the precautions.

Until then though, is playing a game worth one players life? Because in the end that’s the gamble.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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