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A Letter To NA3HL Owners, Coaches, Players And Parents

Dear NA3HL Owners, Coaches, Players and Parents,

Some of you have reached out to me by email and phone recently to complain, or voice your opinion that TJHN is being “unfair”, “picking on” or “hurting” the NA3HL with our coverage recently.

Some have been upset that we do not compliment those organizations that do a good job within the league.

We have not been complimentary of teams that I or others in our organization like or have relationships with for a few very important reasons.

Firstly, there are only about a dozen good organizations in the NA3HL.  My company has personal and professional relationships with those teams.  We wont publicly pat them on the back for doing the job they are supposed to do because we wont expose them to retaliation from other teams or the league.

We also don’t believe anyone is due pats on the back for doing the job they are being paid to do.

Some may say that their good organization is being hurt by the coverage of the bad organizations.  That may be true, but that is not our problem.

Maybe those organizations should be just as upset with the NA3HL for trying to make the absolutely abhorrent teams within the league look better by associating them with those good organizations that are upset with TJHN.

You cant claim the whole league is great based upon the works of a dozen teams, and then ask to have those good organizations acknowledged individually.  The NA3HL is simply not, as a whole, the development league that they claim to be.  The numbers, the NA3HL’s own numbers simply do not support that claim.

The marketing “opportunity” ploy based upon the good works of those dozen teams making parents believe that those dozen teams are representative of the whole league is disingenuous at best.

The simple solution to these issues, is to vote bad operators out of the league, and stop expanding.  Problem solved with quality control that you are in control of.

Second.  The NA3HL needs to stop perpetuating the great myth that the NA3HL is a “pipeline” or “direct route” to the NAHL.  Your own development and promotional numbers prove that the vast majority of NA3HL players will never play a game or get any recognition from the NAHL.  The word “myth” in this case is the most generously kind word I can use when describing that marketing ploy.

Third.  Stop negatively recruiting against other leagues and teams within your own league.  Make it a policy within the league and impose fines on those that are caught.

Finally.  The NA3HL needs to stop selectively enforcing rules and standards to suit their own self serving needs.

If fans, players and parents only knew what isn’t being published, the league would likely be decimated.  Its embarrassing what is really taking place in some instances.

For those of you that are further offended by the statements you have just read, you probably have reason to be offended.  You are likely part of the aforementioned problems within the NA3HL.

TJHN does not discriminate, or pick on any team or league.  If you are operating an embarrassing organization, lying to players and parents, or have broken the rules you need only look in the mirror to place blame for it becoming public.

Take responsibility.  Admit your mistakes.  Tell the truth.  Do those things and you will never have to worry or be concerned with what is being published.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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