A Life Well Lived Scott Nichols – Port Huron Fighting Falcons


Scott Nichols, was and will be remembered as a great coach, mentor, teacher and friend.  More importantly he will be remembered as a great person who touched the lives of many people.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Scott Nichols over the summer while attending the NAHL Port Huron Fighting Falcons pre draft and main training camps.

While I had met him the season before I did not have the time to get to know him as I did this past summer.  A shame I and others will not have the opportunity to get to know him better now.

My first interaction this summer with Scott was when he was commenting on one of my clients at main camp.  “Pink socks can play” is what he said to me referring to one of my players who was wearing his pink in the rink socks from the season before.  “Pink socks is one smart hockey player” is what he said when everyone was discussing final cuts for the team.

Always a coach that was quick to point out something positive with every player before looking for a fault.  A coach who sought other people’s input before coming to a final conclusion on a player.  Perhaps that is just who he was, considering his commitment to being a special education teacher.  A man with balance.

At camp I also had the pleasure of meeting his family.  While none of us can understand the depth of your loss, those who knew Scott can certainly appreciate the person he was and the legacy of teaching he leaves with you.

A life cut short, but a life well lived.  You will be missed by many yet your positive impact on those who knew you will carry on.