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An Advisers Life – Addressing NCDC Rumors Being Spread

The National Collegiate Development Conference within the USPHL family of leagues has from the beginning refused to conform to traditional Tier II thinking and business models.

That refusal to conform has proven the doubters wrong time and time again. While some tried to say the league would fail after one season, the NCDC is not only thriving, it is getting higher quality players and expanding.

Some tried to say that the business model being used by the NCDC and USPHL was not going to work, and now that same model is being used by may teams in other leagues.

So when people see success where they predicted failure they then need to find a way to try to spread rumors.

The latest rumor is that the NCDC will be a pay to play league next year. This is simply not true. The NCDC does not need to or want to. This comes directly from the Commissioners Office.

Another rumor being spread is someone saying scouts aren’t going to NCDC games and committing to players. Again, this is completely untrue as scouts are at every game and commitment numbers are once again rising.

The NCDC and USPHL are used to this rumor spreading though. Jealousy and fear lead people to spread rumors when their own ideas and programs are threatened. Its the same in every business.

Look for the NCDC to continue to develop players for NCAA programs and for more success in the future.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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