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An Advisers Life – Airports And Insomnia

As I write this, once again I am sitting in an airport waiting for a delayed flight.  You would think when this happens once or twice a week, you would get used to it.  Not a chance.

Some people, when you tell them what it is you do for a living, believe this is a glamorous lifestyle.  The piece of really bad airport pizza I ingested a few hours ago would tend to dispel that belief.

Three days in New York, meeting with team owners, and talking to coaches is just another example of what it is that a good adviser does for his clients.  From coast to coast, continent to continent, you have to put in the miles to deliver the service.

Relationship building is not something that can be done exclusively over the phone or via email.  In this business there is no substitute for a handshake, and there should be no distance too far to keep you from that handshake on behalf of your clients.

These are the beliefs at Hockey Talent Management and of the Hockey Holdings Group.  It is at the core of our customer service promise to provide the highest level of service possible.  It is also part of the reason why so many of the top players throughout the world chose us to work with them.

Any great Adviser will tell you, insomnia is simply something that should be a required job skill in order to get the work done.  When you switch time zones on a regular basis, you just get the sleep when you can.

Let these two items be serious considerations for those of you thinking that an Advisers Life is a career path you are interested in taking.

Let these two things also become defining characteristics for those of you looking to hire an Adviser.

As much as we ask you to put in the effort on the ice and in the gym.  As much as we talk about systems, and habits that will make you successful as a student athlete.  Make sure your Adviser is putting in the effort.  Make sure he or she has the systems.  Make sure they are putting in time on the road.

Your adviser is not there to watch all of your games.  If you want to pay someone to be your biggest fan, you don’t know what an adviser is.  Your adviser is not there to coach you, that is your coaches job.  Your adviser is not there to call your coach and whine about your ice time.

Your adviser is your hired gun.  He is your guy in the trenches fighting for you.  He is the guy who doesn’t tell you what you want to hear.  He is the guy who tells you what you need to hear.

If your Adviser can not relate to airports and insomnia, your Adviser simply isn’t putting in the time and effort required to do the work correctly for his client.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

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