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An Advisers Life – Answering NA3HL Reader Questions

Lately, we have been getting a lot of questions emailed to us regarding the NA3HL.  Those questions range from specific recruiting situations, to contract questions.  While I would like to answer all of them I can not, but I will answer a few general questions and concerns now.

“Why is TJHN so against the NA3HL?”

The Junior Hockey News is not “against” the NA3HL.  In fact we support several NA3HL teams that do things the right way.  What TJHN is “against” is smoke and mirrors and deceptive marketing.

“Can you explain the NA3HL tenders to the NAHL?”

Each NAHL team is REQUIRED to “tender” an NA3HL player.  This requirement is used to make it appear as though the NA3HL is a development league for the NAHL.  My mother required that I always eat spinach.  I did not like spinach then, and I dislike it more today as an adult.  How do you think NAHL teams feel about having NA3HL players forced down their throats?  A lot like eating spinach.

“An NA3HL coach told me I would get better by playing in that league instead of AAA.  Is that true?”

No.  The USHL and NAHL draft results show that AAA players represent the vast majority of players being drafted into those leagues.  The vast majority of free agent players are also coming from AAA hockey.  All you need to do is look at the NAHL rosters and you will see where real development takes place.

“I just aged out of AAA, should I sign an NA3HL tender?”

If you have no AAA eligibility left, look at every Tier II option before considering Tier III.  Leagues do not get you to the next level when it comes to Tier III.  Organizations and people get players to the next level.  Look at each organization individually and then make informed decisions.  There are good teams and bad teams in every league.

“I just got drafted in the NA3HL.  Do I have to play there?”

No.  You do not have to play in the NA3HL.  The team that drafted you only owns your rights in the NA3HL and it does not effect your ability to play in any other league.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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