An Advisers Life – Critical Information For Prospects With Advisers

Often times, players and parents who have advisers who are “competitors” of ours, email to ask us questions. I have found this quite strange but its been happening for years, and usually because they went with a less expensive and less experienced adviser.

A professional Adviser does not do this work part time. This is a full time year round job. This is not a hobby.

A professional Adviser works on behalf of the player placing the players needs and goals at the front of every opportunity being considered.

The professional Adviser does not place relationships with Coaches or Owners before those of his client and does not only send players to teams he has a relationship with.

The player comes first. Not the Adviser. Not the Advisers friends.

An Adviser places the player in a position to have a successful season in order to use the season as a stepping stone along his path to the goals created with his Adviser. A successful season is NOT measured in wins and losses or in how many fans come to games. A successful season is one where the player reaches his goals and is able to use those accomplishments to further his career goals.

There are a lot of pretenders claiming to be Advisers send players from camp to camp to camp. Saying they need to “make a name” or “get your name out”. Well I am hear to tell you that this is complete bullshit.

A good adviser is not inexpensive. If you want inexpensive, you really want inexperienced and you want someone who is going to be a “yes” man.

A good Adviser does not have more than a few dozen clients. Any more than that and he isn’t putting enough time into his clients to help them be successful. There are only so many hours in a day, and an Adviser with a high number of clients isn’t servicing them to the best of his ability.

The Adviser business was never intended to be for everyone to have an Adviser. It is intended for serious prospective student athletes with serious educational and athletic goals.

The end of August is panic time. And if you are panicking its because you don’t have a real plan. If you spent thousands of dollars on camps this summer and you still don’t have a team or didn’t get what you wanted, maybe its time you actually created a realistic and workable plan.

When you’re ready to begin a well planned journey and not one on the path of Unicorns and Rainbows that don’t exist, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser