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An Advisers Life – Every Word Matters – Listen Closely When Choosing Your Adviser

As a former player, coach, general manager, team and league executive I have learned more than a few things along my career path in hockey.

One of the most important things I have learned working with every level of player from the NHL on to mini-mites is that every word I speak as a coach or adviser or person in position of authority is important.

Not only how I speak the words, but how the person on the receiving end of those words actually hears them.

Often times you can say one thing, and two people will hear something completely different while listening to you speak. This is not a matter of enunciation but a matter of message delivery.

The best coaches know how to deliver messages. Then know when to be strong and possibly yell, and when to tone it down and speak softly to draw people in. The best Advisers know how to do this as well.

A lot of players and parents right now are looking at Advisers to help their careers. Now more than ever its important to actually listen to what they are saying.

Don’t look for “war stories” from past success’s. Self love isn’t going to get you to the next level.

Look for the message. The clear and concise plan that he will create for you to get you to your goals. Every word matters.

If the Adviser can communicate to the player, and the parent equally well and all understand one message, then he is likely to be able to have the same effect with the people at the next level.

When the message is not clear. When “try” is the word substituting for “will”, you clearly have a problem.

While no Adviser guarantees his services. The best Advisers are confident in their abilities, and usually deliver much more than the client ever imagines.

Also remember the title of the job. “Adviser” does not equate to miracle worker. “Adviser” helps to evaluate opportunity and places the player in the best opportunity for him to have individual success. This may mean the player goes to a place he may never thought of and may not really want to go.

The path of least resistance is the path most Advisers will take you down. This is why most Advisers send players to a ridiculous amount of camps so they can “be seen” or “make a name for themselves”. When in fact this is a waste of time.

Every word matters.

Strong Advisers do the work. The hard work and they communicate the message to you of why they are sending you to any place for any reason before you get there.

When you pick your Adviser. Listen to every word. Not for a story. Listen for the plan.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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