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An Advisers Life – The BCHL Misinformation Campaign Has Begun

The truth in recruiting is important. Regardless of which league or the other that you prefer, it is important that people be truthful when recruiting and providing information to players.

In Canada, Western Canada specifically, and not just British Columbia, the truth is not being told. The information wars, or misinformation war has begun.

There are some “Advisors” or “Consultants” who are assisting in spreading completely false information about the NAHL and NCDC as it compares to the BCHL. So, if you are a player or a parent, here is some very important information for you.

The NAHL and NCDC are FREE TO PLAY. The NAHL and NCDC players are responsible for paying their billet fee’s. This has always been the way it is done.

The NCDC also has a player insurance fee, that every player must pay. This coverage is required and covers all team activities.

The BCHL IS NOT FREE TO PLAY. Most teams charge tuition upward of six to ten thousand dollars depending on which team you go to. There are only a few BCHL teams that are free to play.

Players in the BCHL on most teams also pay their own billets. Just like the NAHL.

BCHL players will also have an insurance fee next year, no different than the NCDC.

The BCHL is talking about developing more British Columbia players and keeping local development strong. Why then do they need to recruit in the USA and the rest of Canada? Why not just develop players from British Columbia? The answer is simple. Saying they want to develop athletes from British Columbia is just false.

When some advisers start talking out of their behinds, who have never done an NCAA D-1 commitment, it rubs me the wrong way.

We understand the BCHL is now facing a lot of pressure. Pressure they brought on themselves. We also understand that people who support the league do not want to see the league level of play lowered by this move to leave Hockey Canada.

What no one should tollerate or understand though is people deliberately and/or stupidly spreading absolutely false information about their competition.

Anyone who has to resort to talking bad abiout their competition in order to recruit players is already behind their competition. A strong recruiter never has to spread misinformation or talk down about the competition.

Notice I didn’t mention who these guys are. Like most of the advisers that pop up every year, they will likely be gone in the next year or two to be replaced by new guys.

Be careful players and parents. The BCHL is an opportunity, but the cost of that opportunity needs to be fully examined.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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