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An Advisers Life – The NA3HL Teams That Can Be Trusted

Last week, while talking to someone in the NAHL, I was made aware that they felt my answering questions on the NA3HL immediately following the NA3HL draft was “unfair”.  While I don’t agree, I did see how they could come to that conclusion.

In that conversation I was asked why I do not write an article on what teams in the NA3HL I do recommend, trust, or endorse.

I have been reluctant to mention NA3HL teams that I trust to do a good job because I fear they will experience backlash within the league from teams and management.  However, I was told by this person that it was the only way to be fair.

In the vein of being fair, the following NA3HL teams are teams that do not lie.  Not that I endorse, recommend, or send any players to these teams, I do know them to be truthful and to be good people.

Keep in mind that these few teams and their ability to develop and move players to next level opportunity ARE NOT representative of the NA3HL as a whole. This list is not an endorsement of the NA3HL as a development league.  This is only a list of a few teams that are known to have a proven track record of development.

The North Iowa Bulls. A long standing development program with an excellent staff.

La Crosse Freeze. A team that is used by its NAHL affiliate for development, one owner for both teams.

North East Generals. Another NA3 team used by its NAHL affiliate who owns both teams.

Cape Cod Islanders. Operated by people who are trying to develop the right way.

Binghamton Jr. Senators. Honest ownership group who try to develop for the next level.

Texas Brahmas. Strong owners using their NA3 team to move players to their NAHL team.

These are the six teams that without question do the right things.  Again, these six are not indicative of the rest of the league.  In fact I have very little confidence in the rest of the league to develop players or be honest in the recruiting process.

While this is not an endorsement of any NA3HL team, it is as fair and balanced a statement as can be given.  Those that do not agree are free to disagree, please do not email me your reasons for disagreement.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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