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An Advisers Life – Walk The Walk Because Talk Is Cheap

Everyone wants to believe they are a prospect.  In fact, most players are prospects.  The problem is, most players and parents do not know what level prospect they are.

Its easy to talk a good game.  In a few weeks the recruiting emails will begin to flow with “camp” invitations.  Which players and parent then actually tell other players and parents about and they say teams are “interested” in them. 

Indeed these teams are interested in getting them to pay their camp fees but that is about it.

Most players and parents talk a great game.  But when it comes down to actually being prepared, very few are.  The lack of readiness comes in many different ways.  A failure to train, or eat properly.  Poor grades in school.  Dressing like a homeless person while attending tryouts.  Or misspelling words and leaving information out of their resume or profile.

Being a legitimate prospect is hard work.  It is being prepared and being aware of everything around you.  It is paying attention to details and making sure you do the things the other people aren’t doing.

So, when I receive an email, from a self described “USHL or NAHL prospect” with a resume attached, and his resume is missing his phone number and his email address is not complete, I can only laugh.  How can anyone expect to get any real attention when they do not include complete contact information in their profile or resume?

Prospects are prepared in every way.  They listen.  They work.  They do not pay attention to rumors from other players and parents. They listen more than they speak.  These are some of the signs of a legitimate prospect.

Talk.  Its cheap.  Effort is not.  

If you can not for some reason, prepare yourself properly, then hire professionals if you are serious about your hockey career.  Hire trainers, dieticians, skating coaches and an adviser.  

Not some placement show pony calling himself an adviser.  Hire someone who will hold you accountable and knows what level of accountability legitimate prospects need to be held to.  

When you make the extra effort.  When you create an atmosphere of accountability around yourself by doing the right things the right way, then you can see yourself as a prospect.  Until you do these things, all you are doing is talking, and talk is not impressing anyone.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser  [email protected]

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