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An Advisers Life – Your Goal Is To Play Tier 3? You’re Kidding Right?

Your Goal Is To Play Tier 3? You’re Kidding Right? Think that’s a stupid set of questions? Yes, I think it is a stupid set of questions and a set of questions that should never be asked. But they need to be asked today.

It was recently brought to my attention that a “combine” is being planned in order to showcase players to Tier 3 teams. Yes. That is not a misprint, and it is not me playing an early April Fools joke.

So I have to ask. Why would anyone want to attend a combine in order to get Tier 3 offers from one league when they can get all the Tier 3 offers they want by attending any number of independent events all summer long? Not only being seen by one league but being seen by every league.

If you think the idea of signing away your player rights to a Tier 3 team before you explore all of the Tier II options, you clearly need to hire a real adviser right away. No professional adviser would ever recommend you attend a Tier 3 combine unless he is getting a financial kickback for doing so, and then he isn’t a professional, he is an ambulance chaser.

When this was brought to my attention the other day by an NCAA coach I didn’t believe him at first. We were both laughing so hard I was sure it was a joke. But no, its a fact.

So why is it happening? That’s a real good question and there are three answers.

First, some Tier 3 teams that were once giants in the recruiting game have seen their talent levels on teams take serious fall offs the last two seasons. Resulting in less NCAA interest, and lower level of play. And the lower levels of play are obvious and easily visible from those that have been scouting for years. This an attempt to beat stronger recruiters to the 2022 Tier 3 player market.

Second, this is an attempt to fill expansion team rosters with unsuspecting players who are new to the development process. And it will in theory keep those expansion teams from folding.

Three. This is a money grab and that’s the main reason an event like this takes place. Pure an simple a money grab to take advantage of people who have no idea what they are doing.

Attending an event like this, before attending NCDC, NAHL or USHL combines is the absolute dumbest thing any player or parent can do. Exploring the higher levels first is simply how the process works. You never start at the lowest level, you always start at the highest level possible and then if needed you filter downward.

If you are new to junior hockey, or unsure about your path, please do not fall for these traps.

Feel free to email me, your first consultation is always at no charge.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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