While most of Western Canada is starting to move forward with reopening plans, British Columbia is taking the most conservative of approaches with regard to hockey.

After informing the NHL that they would not receive special treatment in British Columbia with regard to resuming play and restrictions in place for numbers of people gathering together, more questions were raised with regard to junior hockey.

Many of those questions we answered by British Columbia Premier John Horgan when giving an interview with My Powel River Now.

Specifically asked about the BCHL and WHL and their minimum attendance numbers required by the leagues in order to resume play, Horgan said that the limit of 50 people gathering together is in place and will remain in place for quite some time.

Horgan said it would present significant challenges for both of these leagues, which also impacts the KIJHL.

Horgan went further and discussed the Canadian border, stating that it will remain closed and that things in the United States are worse than they were two months ago. He stated all Provincial Premier’s were adamant about keeping the borders closed until the United States demonstrated a control over the outbreak.

Once again more indications that no Americans will be playing in Canada this year.

The United states is being seen as to have completely fumbled the way the COVID-19 pandemic has been handled.

If these seating requirements for the WHL at 50% capacity, and the BCHL at 25% capacity, neither league will begin play until they can be met. The KIJHL has not made any seating requirements public but it rumored that they also need at least 25% capacity to play.

When looking at the BC Province and all three leagues reliance on not only attendance, but American players, it is highly unlikely that any of them start any time near the traditional September start.

If you have been waiting to create a backup plan, you are likely running out of options as smart players are signing in other places.

Come back tomorrow for more information on the AJHL, SJHL and MJHL.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser