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Buffalo Arena Approval Delayed

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Buffalo Arena Approval Delayed August 15, 2012 7:22 AM

As reported by TJHN in May and again in July, the potential expansion east for the USHL looks to be picking up momentum.

That momentum was halted yesterday, at least on a temporary basis. While community input has been gathered by the city, Buffalo City Mayor Byron Brown notified the community that the process is being delayed. As reported in the Buffalo News Brown stated, "We’re very close and it’s moving very well," Brown said. "The developers have been super. All of our questions are being answered, input from the community is being responded to. So we feel very good about how the process is going."

Long known to be a city that delays, and is slow to act, local hockey enthusiasts are not happy with this development.

Although the Council is slated to meet again on September 4th, one member speaking to TJHN is not sure that three weeks delay will be enough to satisfy some members. Factions within the administration are now said to be picking sides between developers.

Brown and Council members have long been criticized for ineffectiveness on big project approval. In a city that needs all the new projects it can find for job creation and down town development, fuel has just been provided for all those who have questioned the goals of the administration.

Kevin Kelly

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