Cambridge Winter Hawks Bid To Move To Junior A Is Not A Done Deal


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Cambridge Winter Hawks bid to move to Junior A is not a done deal May 11, 2012 7:35 AM

Though the Great Ontario Junior Hockey League team presented a “letter of interest” to the OHA to move to the Ontario Junior Hockey League for the 2013-14 season, the OHA said there is more to jumping leagues than just paperwork.

Right now, the OHA is trying to implement the Tomorrow’s Game plan, which will split junior hockey into a Premier League (junior A), Development 1 (junior B) and Development 2 (junior C and D).

The OHA is moving in that direction slowly, with the elimination of Junior D next season, as those teams will be reclassified as Junior C. The Junior D teams will still play in their own division for a season, before they are moved into the various Junior C leagues, which may also change.

Currently, Junior A hasn’t been touched, other than the contraction of teams that most likely wouldn’t meet the Standard Operating Procedures talked about for Tomorrow’s Game Premier League.

THe OHA says that a “blueprint” has to be put in place first regarding what division teams can be put in.

Though it looks like the Winter Hawks want to get in the Junior A door before Tomorrow’s Game fully comes to fruition (a timetable on full implementation hasn’t been tabled) the OHA doesn’t seem prepared to honor that request.

The delay in implementing Tomorrow’s Game came from the Junior A leagues, which originally balked at the idea of decommissioning teams to make the league more competitive. The league felt they needed more information.

Since then, the Junior A league has trimmed 13 teams through decommissioning and mergers and OHA said they’ve done “a hell of a job”. The league will enter the 2012-13 season with 23 teams and he refuses to put a number on how many teams will be in the Premier league and how many teams the Junior A league will need to trim before Tomorrow’s Game is in full swing.

So the bottom line is, will the OHA allow any team to move to the Junior A before the full Tomorrow’s Game blueprint is in place?

Its not likely.

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