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Central Scouting Services Combine Frequently Asked Questions

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Please review some of these most frequently asked questions;          

Why should I attend a CSS Combine?

Central Scouting Services Combines are the only events where you can guarantee your information is made available to ALL leagues having drafts.  Other “events” organized by teams and some leagues do not share information.  As an example, the OHL does not share information with the USHL, and the USHL does not share information with the WHL.  Leagues are not in the business of helping other leagues with their scouting and recruiting.  CSS Combines eliminate the need and expense of “chasing camps” all spring and summer for individual teams and leagues.  When you want your information to be accessible by everyone in all legitimate leagues and organizations, CSS Combine events are the only way to ensure it happens.

Why should I fill out my player profile?

Scouts around the world research player profiles looking for talent every day.  An incomplete, or missing profile means you are missing exposure.  This is the only database that is free for life and you are in control of your information.  A complete profile, with as much data included as possible will give you a recruiting advantage over those players who have incomplete profiles or missing information.  This is the only database made available free of charge to the NHL and NCAA Division One schools.

Who attends CSS Combines?

CSS Pre Screens all Coaches and Scouts.  We do not allow fly by night organizations to attend these events.  CSS Combines have a proven track record of 17 years for developing players and assisting them in reaching their next levels in numbers that are unmatched by any other event in the world.  Scouts from the NHL, NCAA, USHL, CHL, NAHL, CJHL, NCDC and other reputable leagues are present at CSS events

What happens to my CSS information?

Your information will be made available to the top decision makers in the world.  CSS does not allow low level organizations to access player information.  Unlike other “services” CSS does not simply sell email lists, or sell access to the database to anyone who can afford to pay.  CSS controls access to information to ensure that only legitimate scouts and organizations can see your information.

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You Must First Register Your Profile For Central Scouting Services, And Then Register To Attend The Event Of Your Choice.  Registering Your Profile For The Database Is Not Registering To Attend.

Central Scouting Services is also the only event providing you with concussion protocol testing that you can take anywhere in the world.

When you are ready for success.  When you are ready to take control of your career.  When you finally decide you are going to get off the merry go round of team tryout camps.  Central Scouting Services will educate and empower you to reach new levels of success.

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