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Central Scouting Services – Delivering Your Information Directly To Scouts At No Charge To The Players

Central Scouting Services Player Database is the only place where players and parents can manage their players resume.

Unlimited photo, video and PDF uploads of your information. Write your own narrative. Reach the real decision makers. Get noticed and stop receiving all of those mass emails that are not worth reading.

The CSS Player Database will not try to sell you added “highlight video” services. They will not try to sell you some “featured player” on social media gimmick.

The CSS Player Database can not be downloaded by anyone who pays for access. All of those mass emails you get, that you should just delete, will not come through CSS.

Unlike other player “resume” services, CSS doesn’t let anyone who can pay for access have access to your information. Quality not quantity is the real measure off success.

There are no fee’s for you to upload your videos. No fees for uploading PDF files of your test results, your High School transcripts, or medical clearances. No fee’s to upload your photos or maintain your information in the most secure database in hockey.

When you are ready to begin taking control of your career and where it is going. The CSS Player Database is where you can begin.


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