Central Scouting Services Free Access Friday Is Four Days Away – Four Keys To Successful Recruiting

With one day free access to the CSS Player Database taking place on Friday January 4th, 2019, there are four keys that will allow for players to experience successful recruiting;

  1. Have as much information in your player profile as possible. Incomplete profiles show an incomplete picture and lead scouts to believe you are not serious about your future. Every adult knows that you can not find a new job without a complete and up to date resume. Your CSS player profile is free for life, so keeping it up to date is easy.
  2. Make sure that you verify your email box is not full, and that your phone number is written correctly. Contact information that is incorrect or incomplete will cause you to miss opportunity.
  3. When contacted, return phone calls and emails within 48 hours. Failure to return communication shows a level of immaturity, and lack of preparedness to act on opportunity provided. Regardless of the level of team contacting you, always respect the position of the person making contact. He could be a higher level tomorrow and he will remember those players who were prepared or unprepared.
  4. If you have questions, ask them. CSS is here to help players and organizations. This is the scouting hub for teams and players around the world. With staff available around the world in several different time zones, CSS is here to assist you in your recruiting needs.

If you have questions or need information you can contact Jason Nyhof directly and he can get you registered.
Jason Nyhof – Performance Testing Director North America –
1-855-CSS-TEST Ext. 701 jnyhof@centralscoutingservices.com