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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Are You Really A Hockey Player?

Are you a hockey player, or a person who plays hockey?  To be sure it is a serious question that some may laugh at or assume is an easy one to answer.

It is the answer of this question that will define you as an athlete.  There are hockey players and then there are people who simply play hockey.

The person who simply play hockey may be a talented player indeed.  He may be a top performer for many year and may have so much skill that he dazzle the scout sometime.  It is this player who can take the spot from a real hockey player, and the player who can and often do make fools out of scouts and coaches.

He is the player that rely on talent and natural ability.  He is the player who it come easy and often, so easy that he develop no work ethic.  This is many time the player you see move to the next level who break his stick on the ice and across board or goal post when he run into a real hockey player who beat him.

The real hockey player can sometime be the super skilled athlete.  But most time it is the person who love the game and work hard to develop the talent he have.

He is the player who arrive early and stay late.  He is the one who may be strongest on the team, but still work harder than all in the gym.  He is the one who study game film instead of play the video game all night.  He is the one who plan his success, and work his plan.

The game was designed for anyone to be able to play.  It is after all the most fun game to play in the world.  No matter how old or young, you can always play the game.

No one will ever completely master the game.  I have yet to see the perfect hockey player at any level though some have come close.  The way you train and commit yourself to the game will define you as a player.

It is okay to remember that not everyone can, or was meant to be a real hockey player.  Some were and are meant to be good athlete who simply play hockey.  It is your commitment and attitude that will determine your altitude as a player.

So which are you?


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