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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Awareness

Last week I go with the boss to listen to him speak to a team.  From time to time he do this on many subjects and for many teams.  This was my first time with him for this purpose and it was very interesting.  It was the old dog learning to do new tricks.

It was a group conversation and its only topic was “Awareness”.  Simple word yes?  As it turn out a not so simple thing to accomplish for many young player, and now I suspect for the coach as well.

It start out simple.  Awareness on the ice is critical to success playing the game.  Knowing where your team mates are, knowing the system, knowing your assignments and being aware of what to do and when to do it.  Simple.

But “Awareness” is so much more.  It involve every aspect of you game.  Be aware of who you are around and how they may impact you off the ice.  Be aware of how you dress, how you present yourself, how you speak in public.

There is so much more to awareness that we never think about.  Being “Aware” or having a strong sense of “awareness” is critical to you long term success in the game.  Not just on the ice, but off the ice.

When I go to the game to scout the player, I do not wear the HTM jacket or the TJHN jacket the boss buy for me each year.  I wear the simple warm coat and dress to be warm.  I do not want to be distracted by parent and other people while watching the game simply because of the coat I wear and they know who I am.

But the player who do not notice, who may not know my purpose in the arena, who may not be aware, may be the player chewing tobacco, or swearing in public, or not being aware of the public image he present.

It is being aware of the social media and how it effect you image to other people.  Other people perception of you is you reality.  Reality is not what you say, it is what other people think.  There is big difference and understanding that is a key to become more aware of yourself.

Think how you present yourself in all facet of the game, on and off the ice.  Are you really aware?


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