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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Communication Leads To Success

A confident team is one that is communicating on the ice.  Communication breeds confidence, and that confidence leads to success.  This is true in every case.

It is easy to see the team that is not successful.  They do not communicate on or off the ice.  The body language when they enter the arena is already defeated, they bicker on the bench and in the dressing room.  This is a team that has a communication problem.

Communication problem do not only exist with the players though.  The Coach much communicate well with the player.  The GM must communicate with the Coach, and all of these people must communicate with the fans.

The consistency in communication is also important.  Everyone on a team must be speaking the same language and receiving the same message.  Success and failure are both contagious.  When everyone speaking the same language, receiving and delivering the same message, no one can say they do not understand objectives.

It is unfortunate now to see so many team, and leagues struggling.  It is a direct result of communication break downs.  I read my friends stories of The Death Pool, and they are hilarious some time, but underlying those story are issue of communication breakdowns.

When team do not have enough player, it is because the team is either delivering the wrong message, or the person communicating the message to players is not effective communicator.

When league have teams fold at this time of year it is because those team not communicating properly with league, and the league is not communicating proper with the team.

Player and parent are also responsible for this communication.  I look at roster over the weekend with only 15 player and think to myself “what are these parent thinking”?  Parent and player must communicate with the team or they risk their safety.

When you are paying for ice time and being on the team, you have a right to information, and you have a right to the truth.  You are paying for it.

What is seen in this pay to play hockey now is failure to effectively communicate on multiple levels.  That only happens when some people are not truthful, or they deliver inconsistent message.  When team and league are having issue with recruiting and team folding it is a failure not only on the part of the team that fold, but the league leaders.

Communication is a two way street is it not?  Coaches say they want to hear the player talk on the ice.  League administration is nothing more than the coaches for all of the league teams.  When the league is not communicating with the teams you will have failures.

The most successful league, team and player all deliver the same message.  All communicate in a professional and respectful manner.  When someone do not, they are not around long.  The most successful league do not have to beg for players, because players are begging to play in the league.

Is your team and league communicating with you?  Is the message consistent?  Or have you found yourself on the team or in the league that is struggling to get player?  Do you notice the inconsistent communication or complete lack of communication?  If you do, and you fail to act, you are acting to fail by staying in the situation.  You have a responsibility to communicate that these type of issue are not acceptable.

I never see such a sorry state of affair as pay to play hockey is now.  It is embarrassing.  What is more embarrassing is when league do not address situations publicly.  A team fold require a statement.  A team do not have enough player, it require action.  It is clear the team now can not control themselves and would play with 10 player if it mean keeping the money coming in.

All of this come from a communication failure somewhere in the system.  Is it not time for everyone to be responsible communicator?


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