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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Dumb And Dumber

It is one of my all time favorite movie.  It is hilarious is it not.  Two guys traveling on a quest doing some of the most outrageous things, and making the complete ass out of themselves.

I watch this movie play out in real live these day with some hockey team and some hockey player.  I sit back and I laugh so hard when I hear some of these story of player not having the team to play on after the tryouts, and teams not having enough players after the tryouts.  It really is hilarious.

Why is it so funny?  Because Both the team and the player is on the quest, and the quest is a similar one.  They both want to play.  Pretty simple proposition.

What else is in common is that the “team” think it is the cats meow and that all the best player should be coming to them.  The player think he is the cats meow and that all the team should be coming to him.

What happens then is team are left with not enough player, and some of them fold.  What happen after that is player is left with no team because the ones with roster spots open just folded.

Both the team and the player then sit at home and wonder what went wrong.  Hilarious I tell you.  Hilarious because both the team and the player have over valued themselves.

Team with open roster spot can not afford to be picky.  They need to fill their roster with the best available.  Player can not afford to be picky when he have no team and need to take the team that want him.  For those team and player sitting at home with not enough player to compete, or no place to compete, it is about time you realize you are not as good as you think you are.

Over the past two week or so, many team fold, and more will fold in the next few week.  Player get cut from higher level teams have no place to go, and you need to find a place, so why are neither of these group making more of an effort?

When I hear a player ask for a discount at the pay to play level I laugh.  Kid, you are not that good if you are at the pay to play level and you have no standing to ask for discount.  Not to mention its against rules.

When I hear team with 15 player or so say that one player is not good enough I laugh even harder.  I bet your owner wouldn’t want to hear you say that when its his money on the line.

Lloyd Christmas asked if you know the most annoying sound in the world was.  The most annoying sound in the hockey world is easy to identify.  Its the sound of crickets in an arena after a team folds.  Only that’s not so funny when you think about it.


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