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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – If You’re Good Enough Will They Actually Find You?

How often parents and players have heard of their current coach head of the phrase – “If you’re good enough, they will find you”?

I wonder if you are hungry and got a meal that makes you sick or feel like you have not eaten, how many times you will always eat the same meal?

Any coach or scout, that uses the sentence : “If you’re good enough, they’ll find you,” used in the world today, is either stupid or lazy. This phrase is simply not true. Years ago, yes, it is true, but today it is not, and many, many players go unnoticed for many reasons.

The main reason of this sentence is not true, is simple.

With thousands of youth and teams in the United States and Canada, it is physically and financially impossible for scouts to see all the players, even for one period of hockey each year.

Of course, if you are the best player in the league, you will have the chance to see someone at some point in the next level. Everyone knows who is the best player. When you are the 30th best player in the league, only people in the league know who you are. When you send your information to coach the next level next year, you can get camp invite as everyone else does and nothing more.

The game is more competitive in recruitment the game on the ice, maybe even more. Do you think it will not be the best player in the Tier II in the United States and Canada to move to OHL or USHL? They almost always want to.

Do you think the coach wants to see that player go? Almost always, they do not. Coaches want the credit for “IF” team to the next level is right for you. There are not many coaches who move a player if he can continue to win with this player

Yes, you have also heard it said:  “We can do just as good at the next level at promoting players?” Really? If you could then you should be.  Do not believe the sales pitch of any league who need to say they are just as good as another league.  Anyone who use that approach in trying to recruit you is already telling you the other league is better.

Parents and players must stop eating the food that makes them sick or felt unfull. Parents and players the repetition of the same activity expecting different results is a dream and you need to wake up.

I write to you today because I heard these things being said at games recently and parents repeatedly repeated phrase. These parents are of good players, not the best players, but players who could move to a higher level. Several of them who knew me in recent years, wondering if this saying is true. My answer is always the same;

“If the coaches keep saying the same thing over and over again for years, and nothing changes, then why should parents and players continue to believe the coaches? If I say the sky is purple and see every morning it is blue; would you not eventually think me crazy or stupid? ”

Parents and players, seek professional help outside of your coaches, or be the best player in the league. If not, then it is unlikely that you will actually be found by the scouts.

It is no longer 1970 and only a few dozen junior team in the world.  There are hundreds of junior team and thousands of midget team.  Unless you name is Auston Matthews, chances are most people in the scouting do not know who you are.

It is no longer true that if you good enough someone will find you.  If any coach say this to you, you are listening to the dinosaur.  The dinosaur is extinct, and if you listen to the coach who use this phrase, you hockey career will be extinct soon.


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