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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Parents And Players Dont Understand Rules

To be sure, there are many rules to hockey.  Of course we think it simple having been around the game our entire lives, but the most important rules are the ones that most parent and player do not know.  Those are the off ice rules.

It is amazing to me to see and hear so many player and parent who do not understand trades, contracts, tryouts, NCAA, Major Junior, or politics of the game.  These are the most important rule for you to understand and the majority of you do not know what you are doing or why.

I say this because this weekend I am with the boss watching the game and a parent call him to represent his son.  Sounds good yes?  But it is not so good when you hear the conversation.

The player who is very good and talented say he want to go to NCAA.  This is fantastic.  He has good marks in school and good test score.  Seem like an easy path on the surface.

But when the questions are asked, it is found that the player went to Major Junior training camp and play in exhibition game.  And then the conversation ends.

The parent and player did not understand that once they play in exhibition Major Junior game, NCAA eligibility is gone.  They did not know that once they spend more than 48 hours at the Major Junior camp, NCAA eligibility is gone.

This is a very good player who simply did not know the rules, and the parent did not know the rules.  Now he must somehow make it back to Major Junior in order to get his education money.

This is just one example of some big rule that parents and player do not understand.  So I ask you why you would do something without educating yourself on the process?  Would you buy a car without at least researching it?

If you find yourself in a position where there is the question in your mind, you must educate yourself, or hire the professional adviser.

Do you understand how the contract works?  Do you understand your rights as the player?  What are the financial ramifications?

If is not only the business side either.  It is the politics.  I see parent at event this weekend trying to promote his own player to scouts and do nothing but piss scout off.  It was embarrassing to watch, and now the player, because of the parent, will not have a chance with any of those scout.

There are rule to the politics as well.  If you do not know, and understand them, do not think to do the job yourself.  I would not try to install a sink, I call the plumber because he know what he does.  I do not try to drive the bus, I let the bus driver do his job.  Why would you think you are qualified to do the politics with no experience.

We have written and unwritten rule in this game.  If you don’t know the rule, educate yourself, not knowing the rule usually lead to some kind of penalty.


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