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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Players Mouths Ruin Careers

Okay yes, so last week we talk about the parent ruining the player career and this week we talk about the player who ruin his own career because he can not keep his mouth shut.

To be sure the player can say many thing to ruin his future.  He may not even know how much his word hurt him even when opening the mouth to speak.

As always, everything get back to the coaches.  Every whisper get back to the coach sooner or later.

Player stop talking.  Stop comparing yourself to the other player who may be playing higher level or have made the NCAA commitment.  There is a reason he is there and you are where you are.  It might just be that your mouth move faster than your feet!

“Next year I am going to…..”, “I should have made …..”, “I cant believe they signed…”, “The coach was an asshole….”, “His dad bought the spot so I didn’t make….”, “It was fixed”, “The team was picked before I got there”, “I didn’t like that team anyway”, “That coach doesn’t know what he is doing”, and “That team will suck anyway” are just some of the many thing the player are saying these day when looking to blame someone else for their own problem.

Let us be straight, if a player is at the higher level and you are not, it is most like that he is not only a better player or a player with more potential in most case.  Many more time these day it can also be because you have a bad attitude and your mouth get you in the trouble.

No Coach want the player who always wine and complain on the team.  No Coach want the player who is not focused on where he is instead of where he would like to be.  No Coach want the excuse maker.

Be a man.  You get cut for a reason.  Do not blame other player father or Coach.  Blame yourself for not making enough of an impact to make the team keep you.  Blame yourself for talking and having it get back to coaching staff.  Blame yourself when the next team call for reference check and find you have the bad attitude and bad focus.

You can only control you.  You can control your play, your attitude, and your mouth.

Stop talking, and start playing.  If you want to be the professional you better act the professional.  If you want to be respected you better give respect.

If you want to be taken seriously, let your game do the talking and not your mouth.  What you might say tomorrow may hurt you for many years to come.  You never know who is listening.


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