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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Politics And Relationships

To be sure we all have our own group of friend in the business.  People we trust, people we have work with over the period of time.

It is no different than the player who like to play together.  There is the chemistry that is developed.  Easy to understand from the player perspective is it not?

Then why is it you player and parent do not understand how the chemistry of coaching, scouting and recruiting work?  I see so many of you screw youself up that you don’t even think how thing work.

Over the weekend, I watch the player get cut from the camp.  He was not bad player, just not ready for this high level team.  There is nothing wrong with the truth, except when the player and parent refuse to recognize the truth.

What make it worse is the bad body language after the exit interview.  The sulking, or the storming out of the room, or the talking poorly as he leave in front of the other player and parents.

See, the problem with this is that although the player was cut, is now he has shown his bad attitude.  Even if the player able to elevate his play at some point, the coach who liked him but cut him is unlikely to take him now.

The bigger problem is that you never know where this coach or anyone else on the staff who see this behavior is going to end up in the future.

What if that coach end up at the NCAA or Major Junior team you wanted to go to three year from now?  You think he is going to want you?

Politics is knowing as many people as you can and maintaining good relationship with them for as long as you can.  If you do not play politics, and you are not one of the top player in the country in you age group, you are going nowhere.

Getting to next level is not just about how good you are, it is about politics.  Who like you?  Who do not like you?  Who you see or don’t see watching you react to situations.

The game is played on the ice, and it is played off the ice as well.  If you can not understand that, or figure out a way to play the game find an adviser or agent, or find another sport.


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